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VGA Card
3.1 What VGA cards are offered by PC Partner 
PC Partner Ltd. design and manufacturer industry standard VGA class display adaptor cards for use on PC systems. Newer types of interface bus VGA cards are also under development, following the new trend in the computer industry.  

The general performance and characteristics of display cards are related to the VGA chipset solution used on the display card. Please refer to the "Product" section of this Web Site for more information.  


3.2 How to identify PC Partner VGA cards when looking for support 
PC Partner VGA Cards are primarily identified from the model name as defined by PC Partner Ltd., for example, EC239. There are instances when your reseller attached a different model naming system to the product packaging, or the product is integrated into a PC system such that the exact name for the card is not explicitly shown. In these cases, if you know the card is a PC Partner product, you can try to identify the model from the following features on the VGA card :  
  • PC Partner label sticker on large IC - VGA BIOS chip 
  • VGA chipset IC (large surface mount device) marking at the middle of the card 
  • Type and number of display RAM chips on the card, number of RAM chip installed, and number of empty sockets 
  • Printed Wiring Board identification number normally in the form of white marking printed in the form : 35-xxxx-xx-xx 
  • VGA driver diskettes, label sticker printing, and number of diskettes 
3.3 About VGA cards drivers specific for PC Partner VGA cards 
Selected models of PC Partner VGA cards are enhanced in the software drivers. This custom-made driver software differs from the VGA driver which are downloaded from Web Sites of VGA chipset suppliers, and need to be in matched use with PC Partner made VGA card hardware. Therefore, the tailor-made diskettes of PC Partner VGA products are not supposed to be used with non-PC Partner VGA cards.  

VGA Card drivers are downloadable from PC Partner Web Site.