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2.1 What motherboards are offered by PC Partner 
PC Partner Ltd. design and manufacturer industry standard PC compatible motherboards, including intel and AMD CPU solutions. Due to the fast pace and short product life cycle time of present day PC markets, newer models are launched by PC Partner Ltd. every few months, with newer features and replacing older models.  

The following is a summary list of recent motherboard products. This list is regularly updated from time to time and may not include the latest element still under development in our engineering team. Please refer to the "Product" section of this Web Site for more information.  

  • Intel 845 / 865 / 915 family for intel CPUs
  • VIA family for intel CPUs
  • VIA family for AMD CPUs
  • ATI IGP family for Intel CPUs
  • ATI IGP family for AMD CPUs

Motherboard form factor include Baby-AT, ATX and microATX on selected models.

2.2 How to identify PC Partner motherboards when looking for support 
PC Partner motherboards are primarily identified from the model name as defined by PC Partner Ltd., for example, 845GMS4-A34. There are instances when your reseller attached a different model naming system to the product packaging, or the product is integrated into a PC system such that the exact name for the board is not explicitly shown. In these cases, if you know the motherboard is a PC Partner product, you can try to identify the model from the following features on the motherboard :  
  • PC Partner label sticker on large ICs
  • BIOS label sticker on Flash BIOS EEPROM ICs
  • Core logic IC (large surface mount device) marking Intel or VIA at the middle of the board
  • Super I/O Controller IC near the rear edge of the board
  • CPU socket name - socket 370, socket 478, socket A, socket 754, ..etc
  • Number of PCI slots and ISA slots respectively
  • Number of RAM (DIMM) sockets respectively
  • Printed Wiring Board identification number normally in the form of white marking printed in the form : 35-xxxx-xx-xx 

Please collect these information when asking for technical support information.