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Drivers and Utilities Software
4.1 What Drivers and Utilities are bundled with PC Partner products 
Pc Partner motherboards are normally bundled with CD Disk to carry the following functions :  
  • Flash BIOS upgrade utilities (AWDFLASH.EXE)
  • Display driver (applicable for on-board display function)
  • Core chipset driver
  • IDE hard disk master mode drivers (selected models) 
  • USB driver (selected models) 
  • Sound driver (applicable for on-board sound function)
  • LAN driver (applicable for on-board LAN function)
  • Bundled utility software (eg. Anti-Virus)

PC Partner VGA cards are bubdled typically with the following software on CD :  

  • Display driver for Windows 
  • Software for multimedia playback / capture (selected models) 
4.2 How and when to use the Drivers and Utilities 
If your PC Partner product came as part a working system, then the driver and utilities may be already pre-installed on the hard disk, and you only need the drivers when you re-configure your system.  

The Flash upgrade utilities is used only when you are looking for an upgrade in the system BIOS. Please refer to the other sections for Flash BIOS upgrading. 

4.3 Where to look for update on Drivers and Utilities 
Upgrade for Drivers and Utilities can be found from :  

Please note that the PC Partner drivers and utilities are tailor-made for PC Partner products, whereas the software downloaded from other Web Site and BBS are general purpose.