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ATI Chipset Mainboards (Integrated Graphics) TV-Out
15.1 Mainboard with ATI IGP320 (A3) / IGP340 (A4) Chipset 
The mainboards built with ATI IGP320 (A3 Chipset) and IGP340 (A4 Chipset) are carrying on board TV-Out function. The VGA -output and TV-output can run simultaneously to give two output screens to the two types of devices attached.


15.2 Mainboard with ATI 9100IGP, 9100ProIGP, RadeonXpress200
The mainboards built with ATI 9100IGP (RS300 Chipset), 9100ProIGP (RS350 Chipset), and RadeonXpress200 (RS480 / RS400) are carrying on board TV-Out function, but the VGA-Out / TV-Out functions are NOT simultaneous. That is, at any time, only one of the ouput screen is valid. You may set the power up default screen output to either CRT (VGA Out Port) or TV (TV Out Port) in CMOS Setup, provided that you have the valid display device attached at the target port.

Moreover, the following conditions apply when the ATI Display Driver (for Windows) is loaded :

When both CRT (or LCD) display monitor and TV monitor (Composite or S-Video) are attached in the system, the ATI Display Driver (for Windows) will detect the presence of the CRT (or LCD) display. Then the output screen will automatically switch to the CRT (or LCD) after Windows is running, irrespective of the power up default display output setting in CMOS.

If the TV monitor is targeted as the only valid display monitor, please detach the CRT (or LCD) display monitor from the VGA Out Port, and leave it empty.