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Motherboard Core Chipsets Drivers


Intel Chipsets VIA Chipsets ATI Chipsets

915 series VIA C3-EBGA Radeon Xpress 200
915G/ 915GV/ CLE266     RD400/ RD480
915P AMD Athlon 64 (Socket 939)  
865 series K8T880PRO K8T800PRO   Radeon Xpress 200
865GV AMD Athlon 64 (Socket 754) RS482 / RS480 / RS400 / RC410
865G, 865PE, 865P K8T800 K8T800B K8M800  
  Pentium 4 series (Socket 775) Radeon Xpress 200P
81X & 845 series P4M800PRO P4M800 P4M800CE RX480
845G/ GL/ GV Pentium 4 series (Socket 478) (Socket 478)
845GE/ E/ PE PT880 PM800 PM880 RC350/ RS350
845 P4X400     RS300
815, 815E P4X266 P4X266A P4X266E A4 (IGP 340)
815EP, 815P P4M266 P4M266A    
810, 810E       (Socket A)
  KT/ KM/ KLE series (Socket A) A3 (IGP 320)
430/ 440 series KT600      
FX,VX,HX,TX, KT400 KT400A   SIS Chipsets
LX,EX,BX,ZX KM400 KM400A KM266 Pro
  KT333 (VT8367)     SIS 648
  KT266 KT266A KM266 SIS 645/ 650
  KT133 (VT8363) KT133A (VT8363A)   SIS 5600
  KM133 (VT8365) KM133A (VT8365A) KLE133 (VT8361) SIS 5598
  PLE/ PM series (Socket 370) AMD Chipsets
  PLE133 (VT8601A) PLE133T (VT8601T) PM133 (VT8605)
        (Slot A)
  Apollo Pro series (Socket 370) AMD 750
  Apollo Pro 266 Apollo Pro 133A Apollo Pro 133T  
  Apollo Pro 133 Apollo Pro+ Apollo Pro  
  Socket 7 /Super Socket 7 series  
  MVP4 MVP3 VP3  
  VPX 97 VPX    
Motherboard I/O Function Drivers and Utility
Onboard Sound   Onboard PCI Fast Ethernet LAN

On-board PCI Sound Creative ES1373 Intel 82562
On-board ISA Sound Creative 16XV NS DP83815
Software Manual   Realtek Giga LAN/ RTL8139 / RTL8100

VIA 8233/ 8233A/ 8235/ 8237
PC Cillin 2002 user manual (PDF format)
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Microsoft Windows 95OSR2 USB supplement  
* Some drivers included subdirectories, please always uncompress with subdirectory ( e.g. pkunzip -d 
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