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BIOS Updates for VIA chipsets motherboards

C3 EBGA CLE266      
Socket 939 K8T800PRO          
Socket 754 K8T800      
Socket 775 P4M800PRO P4M800        
Socket 478 PT800 PT880 PM800 P4X533
  Apollo P4X400 Apollo P4X266/ 266A Apollo P4M266 Apollo P4M266A
  Apollo P4X266E      
Slot 1 /
Socket 370
Apollo Pro 266T
(VT8633T) Tualatin
Apollo Pro 133A
Apollo Pro 133T
(VT82C694T) Tualatin
Apollo Pro 266
  ProSavage PM133
Apollo PLE133
Apollo PLE133T
(VT8601T) Tualatin
Apollo Pro133
  Apollo Pro
Apollo Pro+
Socket A UniChrome KM400A
UniChrome KM400
UniChrome KM266Pro
(KM266 Pro)
  Apollo KT400
Apollo KT400A
Apollo KT600
  Apollo KT333
Apollo KLE133
Apollo KT266
Apollo KT266A
  Apollo KT133A
Apollo KT133
  ProSavage KM133A
ProSavage KM133
Socket 7/ Super Socket 7 VPX VP3 MVP3 MVP4  
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