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Driver for Windows 98SE

Win98SE Driver (See install.txt for installation steps)

Remark - WinXP/2K/ME has built-in support for this MP3 Player, no driver needed

Firmware Update - (* see note below)


128/ 256/ 512MB without FM (Firmware Version 2.512)
  128/ 256/ 512MB with FM (Firmware Version 2.512)
  128/ 256/ 512MB with FM (Firmware Version 2.520)

* Important Note for Firmware Update :

Firmware Update is NOT necessary, as long as your MP3 Player is operating fine in accordance with its specifications. Firmware Update is only needed in the following cases :
- the Firmware on the MP3 Player is corrupted, or
- there are known bug in the MP3 Player, which is confirmed to be due to Firmware issue

* How to identify the Firmware Version on the MP3 Player :

Read the "About" information, by pressing the [Menu] button, then press [<<] or [>>] button a few times until the screen shows [About]. Press the [Menu] button once more to let the "About" information to scroll up on the screen. The line of text starting with "VER." is the Firmware Version.

For example, VER. 2.512

Firmware change, or re-writing of Firmware must be in the same Version number. Trying to over-write the Firmware to a different Version may result in malfunction of the MP3 Player !!!