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VIA® KT133A Chipset ATX Motherboard

Specification : -
- AMD® Athlon® & Duron® (K7) (200/266MHz DDR Front Side Bus)  (Socket A). 
Chip Set   
- VIA® KT-133A + 686B.
-  Flash EPROM (Support PnP, APM, ACPI, ATAPI, DMI). 
- IDE AUTO LBA Mode Supports HDDs over 8.4GB.
- Trend Micro ChipAway Virus Protection.
- L2 Cache is CPU Built-in. 
- Size up to 768MB.
- Three 168-pins DIMMs.  
On Board I/O   
- Support Two PCI Enhanced IDEs PIO Mode 3, Mode 4 and Ultra DMA 33/66/100   Channels. Twin 
  Headers for Four IDE Devices Including IDE HDDs and CDROMs.
- Support Two FDDs of 360KB, 720KB, 1.2MB, 1.44MB or 2.88MB.
- One ECP/EPP Parallel Port, Two 16550A UART Serial Ports, Four USB Ports (Two USB   Ports by 
  Optional Adapter Cable), PS/2 Mouse Port, PS/2 Keyboard Port.
On Board Sound   
- Integrated AC97 Controller with Standard AC97 Codec.
-  PnP, Full-Duplex, Sound Blaster 16 Compatible, Direct Sound Ready.
-  Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in and MIDI/Game Port .
On Board Sound (Optional) - Creative ES1373 PCI Sound Chip.
-  PnP, Creative 3D Enhancement, Wave Synth Wave Table.
-  Full-Duplex, Sound Blaster 16 Compatible.
-  Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in and MIDI/Game Port.
Expansion Slot   
- One ISA Bus Slots (One PCI Shared Slot). 
- Five PCI Bus Slots (One ISA Shared Slot).
- One Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP).
- One Audio Modem Riser (AMR).
Plug and Play   
- Plug and Play Specification 1.1. 
- Plug and Play for DOS®, Windows®  3.x, and Windows® 95/98200/XP.
- PC97/98 Ready, PC99 Color Connector.
Power Management   
- Support SMM, APM and ACPI. 
- Comply to Energy Star “Green PC” Program.
-  Supports Modem Ring-in Wake Up.
- PCI 2.1.
- AGP 2.0 / 1.0.
- On Board VRM.
- On-board Lithium Battery.
- CPU Frequency Multiplier Jumperless (Optional).
- Alarm Wake-up
- Bundle “PC-cillin” Anti Virus Software
- Adjustable CPU Core Voltage and 3.3V IO for Frequency Multipler & Voltage.
- Easy DIP Switch setting.
- Suspend To RAM.
- Linear Programable CPU Clock Frequency
- Dual BIOS.
Board Size   
- 215mm x 305mm, ATX Form Factor.

(C)Copyright 1997-2003 PC PARTNER LIMITED. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.
*All specifications, PCB color, size and layout are subject to change without notice.*