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Our well-equipped and technically sophisticated manufacturing plant is situated in Dongguan
province in China. The total area of the plant is over 450,000 sq.ft..

Basic Information
- Total 300,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing/store Area
- 380 Staffs
- 3000 Workers
- 27 SMT lines
- Top supplier of PC motherboard, graphic cards and contract manufacturing services in HK
- Focused in product development and manufacturing

Production Facilities
Our manufacturing lines are segmented into three divisions, namely PCB Assembly Line,
System Assembly Line, and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Production Line. With the
advanced and sophisticated equipment, including the fastest surface mounter machines,
automatic wave soldering systems, hot air reflow and advanced testing machines, we are
able to produce high quality output with high efficiency.

Quality System
PC PARTNER quality system has been certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001
International Quality Certification.The entire production process is run under security
of the in-process quality control. A minimum of 24 hours burnt-in test by functional
specific program is applied to all the products before delivery. The quality assurance
teams further control the quality of outgoing products according to the AQL standards.
Warranty and technical support service are an integral part of the system.

Manufacturing Process Control
- ISO9001, ISO14001,ISO18001 complied control
- Certified by 1st tier OEMs
- Real time SPC control
- 100% functional verification test
- Dynamic and static burn in
- Bar coded tracking system
- Capability control on critical processes

Measurement/ Inspection Facility
- Nicolet X-Ray Machine - BGA Solder Joints Inspection
- Omega Tester - Measures PCBA Cleanliness
- Cyber Optic - Solder Paste volume
- Agilent 3070 ICT

Contract Manufacturing Services for OEM/ODM customers
- Point of sales system since 1997
- Graphic boards since 1998
- Mobile storage since summer 2002
- 2003 onward - communication products
- Excellent long term customer relationship
- Strong purchasing power - ability to offer turn key solution

Product Ship Qty.